Closing arguments presented in Blizzard murder trial

YAKIMA, Wash. — We are now waiting for a verdict in the Daniel Blizzard murder trial. The jury got the case Monday. But, jurors went home for the day without deciding whether Blizzard is guilty of murdering local realtor, Vern Holbrook.

Prosecutor Alvin Guzman took the jury back to Vern Holbrook’s assault.

“He hit him multiple times in the head, he sliced his throat, left him there for dead,” Guzman said.

Guzman reiterated Adriana Mendez’s testimony that Luis Gomez-Monges attacked Holbrook when the couple pretended to be looking for a home. And, that Blizzard hired them to do the job for $10,000.

The prosecution maintained Blizzard stopped paying Holbrook for a real estate company he was buying from him. But, continued to pay for life insurance policy on Holbrook worth more than a million dollars.

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